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Our search option allows the users to look, select and buy medicines prescribed by their doctor and also helps them find the list of low cost generic alternatives or substitutes for their prescribed medicines.

Order with prescription

Makes it possible to take a picture of their prescription through mobile or choose an prescription image from gallery or choose an existing prescription or image to request a quotation or place an order.

Call to order

Offers customers a convenient way to place an order for new prescription. Patient can call directly to the pharmacy and talk to our experienced pharmacist, who would help you with your presrciption needs.

Ask Question

Get the answer to the questions you have on your medicine such as on how to use or take medicine?, When to take it? or any other concerns you have on your medicines. All questions shall be answered promptly within 24 hours

Medication guide

Lets' the patients know more about ingredient, their use , on how it works, their side effects and precaution that needs to be taken before/after its use.

My Orders

Patient can see the history of previous orders, their status and review your ordered cart as well as price details including discount and also provides the option to pay here after order is confirmed.


Patients are requested to fill out the essential details in your profile. This is record of personal information that includes name, email, phone, height, weight, blood group and any allergy if you have.

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  • Fair Return Policy

    We offer the industries best return policies

    Customers' genuine concern with the purchased medicine such as damaged product or if the doctor changes the medicine after purchasing it from the pharmacy. Customers are eligible to request for refund, replacement or credit. All returns must accompany with the original receipt. Read our full return policy.

    Why choose us?

    Value Added Services Provided here


    We practice pharmacy care.

    includes the custody, dispensing & provision of medicines together with systems & information to assure quality use of medicine and improve treatment outcome


    Mobile App & Online Pharmacy

    Offers convenient way to order quality prescription medicine from the comfort of your home


    Free Home Delivery

    We offer free home delivery of medicines with 18% discount on prescription medicines. Order online or call us to request free home delivery of medicines for delivery within 24-36 hours



    Pharmacy Care.

    Our Pharmacy care includes the custody, dispensing and provision of medicines together with systems and information to assure quality use of medicine and improve treatment outcome.

    Research Center

    The aim of the pharmacy research center is to facilitate the generation, dissemination and application of practice based research evidence to promote quality use of medicine and improve treatment outcome.

    Patient Education

    Pharmashop will work collaboratively, seeking partners & opportunities to communicate disease information to the public through partnership network. The goal is to reduce death & disability associated with diseases

    Speciality Division.

    Pharmashop speciality pharmacy committed to improve treatment outcome and reduce substantial cost for patients with complex disease conditions, which includes chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and othe conditions.

    Generic Division.

    Generic medicines offer substantial cost savings to the patients. They are safe & effective & work the same way as the brand name medicines. We offer range of generics for those who are struggling to pay for their medicines.

    Complaints Redressal Dept.

    Customers can register their complaints by calling us on +254 741 801 800 or email at pharmashopltd@gmail.com

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